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1916 Centenary Chapel

Location: Glasnevin, Dublin

Status: Competition Entry

This RIAI competition for a multi-denominational church and crematorium in Glasnevin Cemetery was to mark the centenary of the 1916 rising. The proposal established a walled court around the existing memorial to 232 people who died during the rising and are buried in a mass grave on the site. The chapel was to act as a site of remembrance for the centenary celebration, but also to act as a much needed service space for daily cremation services.


The chapel takes its architectural language from the stone corbelled, early Christian churches in Ireland giving its homogenous stone appearance. A cast-in-situ inner concrete structure rises steeply and is cut at the apex of the roof allowing a spiritual shaft of light into the space. Large opening doors open the chapel to the courtyard to allow for the flexibility of remembrance events.

1916Comp Render 01 - 906.jpg

Approach to chapel

1916Comp Render 04 - 906.jpg

Chapel with courtyard and monument

1916Comp Render 03 - 906.jpg

View inside chapel

1916Comp Plan - 906.jpg

Ground Floor Plan

1916Comp Elev 02 - 906.jpg

North-West Elevation

1916Comp Sect 01 - 906.jpg

North-West Section

1916Comp Sect 02 - 906.jpg

South-East Elevation

1916Comp Elev 01 - 906.jpg

North-East Elevation

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