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Artisan Cottage I

Location: Phibsboro, Dublin

Status: Completed

This existing mid-terrace cottage, built in 1895, and its lean-to extension was completely refurbished,  as the original was dark, crowded and did not meet building regulation standards. With only the front wall of the house preserved, the project involved opening up the ground floor, harnessing southern light and connecting the build with a small courtyard at the rear.

To facilitate the new open plan ground floor and to make use of the attic space, expansion upwards was required. A dormer window was constructed, allowing the floor area to be usable, essentially doubling the size of the cottage from 35m2 to 66m2. The fit-out was completed with a custom designed bespoke joinery, kitchen, wardrobes and hardwood stairs.

fca.ie_artisan cottage-foley-and-crowley_02.jpg.jpg

Entrance Hall

fca.ie_artisan cottage-foley-and-crowley_04.jpg

Living Room

fca.ie_artisan cottage-foley-and-crowley_05.jpg


fca.ie_artisan cottage-foley-and-crowley_01.jpg

Kitchen / Living Area

fca.ie_artisan cottage-foley-and-crowley_03.jpg.jpg

Cast concrete bench

fca.ie_artisan cottage-foley-and-crowley_07.jpg

Entrance Hall

fca.ie_artisan cottage-foley-and-crowley_06.jpg

Stair joinery detail

fca.ie_artisan cottage-foley-and-crowley_08.jpg


Myrtle Ground Floor 906.jpg

Ground Floor Plan

Myrtle First Floor 906.jpg

First Floor Plan

Myrtle Section 906.jpg


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