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Dept. of Education - Primary School


Location: Harcourt Terrace, Dublin

Status: Design Competition in collaboration with Brian Sheehy

The Competition was to design a school for a site at Harcourt Terrace, Dublin 2. The site comprises the former Garda Station and Irish Film Censor Building, overlooking the Grand Canal. The brief was for a 24 classroom primary school, with Special Needs Classes, with a total floor size of approximately 4,500 square metres.

The design proposal, with a tripartite building form, is an assembly of a terrace building complementing the fabric of the existing Harcourt Terrace in massing and expression, a larger canal building, and a sports pavilion, creating an enclosed courtyard.  The profiled roofscape is functional in that it collects rainwater for use in the school and harnesses the sun's energy for power.

School Axo - 906.jpg

Axonometric Aerial View

Axonometric view

School Plan - 906.jpg

Site Plan

School Sketch 01 - 906.jpg

Internal View 01

School Sketch 02 - 906.jpg

Internal Views 02 l 03 l 04

School Render - 906.jpg

Context View  l  Street Elevation

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