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Yeats Performance Space


Location: Lough Gill, Co Sligo

Status: Competition Entry

This project was the result of an architectural competition to celebrate 150 years since the birth of the poet W.B. Yeats and explore themes in his most famous poem “The Lake Isle of Innisfree.”


This architectural response sought to explore the physical form of Yeats’ unattained fantasy of escaping urban life, not by expressing the cabin of ‘clay and wattles made’, but rather its negative form. A large clean-lined box, which holds this negative space, would be positioned in shallow water close to the shore of Lough Gill, providing a performance and exhibition space where music, plays and the spoken word could be enjoyed from the shore on summer evenings above the gentle sound of the ‘lake water lapping.’

Yeats Render 01 906.jpg
Yeats Concept 906.jpg

View of performance space from the shore

Concept sketches

Yeats Line Pano 906.jpg

3D view of installation


Construction sequence

Yeats Line Cafe 906.jpg

Future use as a café in IT Sligo

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